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Before Installation

Timber is a natural hygroscopic material responding to changes in its moisture content ("MC"). Sakkho wooden tiles must be acclimated to the surrounding environment before installation as failing to adjust the tiles MC may result in a substandard or unsafe installation.

For detailed information and recommended procedures related to preparing and acclimating your tiles, go to the Owners page of this website or click here.



Three Rules

Speak with your preferred accredited installer, builder or carpenter about your particular installation. 

Installing Sakkho® wooden tiles is similar to working with standard pieces of timber as long as you follow three rules: 


Sakkho Base Types Sakkho Support Centre Sakkho Using Fasteners

Standard tile
or reinforced


Support the
tile centre


Install vary
with models


To find out more about the 3 rules click here or use the navigation menu.

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