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Paint and Finish

Sakkho® wooden tiles are usually manufactured using teak wood for its natural durability in extreme weather conditions and general resistance. Sakkho tiles are presented with an untreated, raw, unsealed wood allowing the use of finishes, paints, varnishes, sealants, wax or fire retardants.

For best maintenance practice and to learn how to prepare your tiles before installation, visit the Owner section or click here.


Option 1: Leave Tiles Unfinished to Gray
Option 2: Using Paints, Finishes, Stains




1. Leave Tiles Natural Unfinished

Teakwood color will vary one way or another with two elements:  oxygen (air) and UV rays (sunlight). Discoloration occurs purely by exposure to light and the sun's UV rays.


Sakkho Teak Tiles Natural Tint

a. Darker

Left indoor or outdoor and away from direct sunlight, oxidation will slowly occur caused by surrounding oxygen; as a result, unfinished (natural) teakwood will show a slight darkening in tint increasing over time to an evened color as original darker streaks within the grain become less obvious.


Sakkho Teak Tiles Weathered

b. Lighter

Left unfinished teakwood subject to direct light lightens over time turning into an ash gray (silver) color. This process is called the "Graying of Teakwood".

In favorable conditions, total weathering takes about 6 to 8 months in the sun after the wood goes through few changes with the appearance of water spots or spots of different colors including cracks in the timber which are normal.  These changes will eventually take a uniform silvery-grey color desirable to some.


For more details about the oxidation or the "graying" of teak wood visit the Owner section of this site or click here.




2. Using Paints, Finishes, Stains

Sakkho wooden tiles are generally offered and supplied with an unfinished natural timber allowing the use of all sorts of finishes, fire retardants, timber paints, wax, sealants and other wood products.


The most common finish used on teak wood outdoor is teak-oil or linseed oil while teak wood used for luxury interior applications are commonly finished with a wood lacquer or varnish to give a rich, glossy, luxury look.

Sakkho tiles are made out of many slats of wood and gaps, it can be tricky and time-consuming to apply coats of varnish or wood lacquer; a shellac finish would be the most appropriate and cost-effective finish for Sakkho tiles used for interior projects.


Naturally oily hardwoods such as teak wood may require a coat of aluminum wood primer before painting; all paint or finish application should be made as per manufacturer's instructions.


Sakkho Natural Finish Sakkho White Paint
Natural Teak White Paint
Sakkho Dax Finish Sakkho Jarrah Paint
Clear Finish Jarrah Finish
Sakkho Merbau Finish Sakkho Black Paint
Merbau Finish Black Paint

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