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Laying and Spacing Tiles

The way Sakkho tiles are displayed or placed next to each other, the direction of some tiles pattern and the type of trim, edge or frame you use will have an impact on the final result. View tile models and patterns by visiting our Products page or click here.


1. Laying and Spacing Tiles
2. Pattern Direction
3. Framing, Edging, and Trim




1. Laying and Spacing Tiles

Because each tile model is made out of many wooden slats that are approximately 5 mm apart, tiles can be installed touching each other or with a space of about 5mm gap between each tile and create a continuous pattern. Visual results will vary depending on the method tiles are placed together and the tile model used for a project. 


Sakkho Spacing Spacer_1x1.png Sakkho Spacing
Option 1: Tiles Touching Each Other   Option 2: Tiles Spaced to Match Pattern
2. Pattern Direction

Some Sakkho tiles feature patterns that change depending on the direction tiles are placed next to each other. An example would be the Sakkho Blik or Linia models which can both allow for different combinations and different visual results simply by placing the tiles in one direction or another.


Sakkho_Direction_2.jpg Spacer_1x1.png Sakkho_Direction_1.jpg
Example 1: Diagonals Facing
the Same Direction
  Example 2: Diagonals Facing
Opposite Directions
3. Framing, Edging, and Trim

Ideally, to cover a surface use whole uncut tiles centered on the surface; fill remaining space and gaps with a timber frame, metal trim, pebbles or other as Sakkho tiles can easily be combined with all sorts of building materials. To see pictures of completed projects visit our Photos page or click here.


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