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Learn about Sakkho® and how the business started.


1. Behind Sakkho
2. The Business



1. Behind Sakkho

Like for many entrepreneurs, my venture to create Sakkho as a business started with previous failures and previous successes called the "necessary experience"; it then quickly became a personal challenge with the need to achieve something and finally it became a passion.


Sakkho by Joseph Nyamuka

After creating a successful business concept early 2004 achieving high volume sales by distributing industrial tools and machinery over the internet and through various auction businesses until early 2007, I decided to part and work on something new again.



The actual Sakkho business came to me toward the end of the year 2008 when, through connections, I received a container with products to advertise which stock included these uncommon timber tiles. 

Intrigued by the product, being myself new to the industry I looked at the tiles with fresh eyes, from different perspectives and immediately saw the potential: "these tiles can be versatile in their application".


The next challenge was to put the tiles out there on the market, to the test and to make the idea work. While learning about each targetted industry, I had to get actual, real projects done and work toward finalizing the business idea in line with various regulations in place.

This slow but necessary learning curve filled with many hurdles and challenges also took me through an interesting journey working with an interior designer, carpenters, builders, furniture retailers and 3D artists providing me with the necessary experience, information, and terminology which is today compiled into one single concept called "Sakkho".



I have a mixed cultural background; I grew up in five different countries and I understand Polish, Lingala, French, and English.

I have a university degree in International Business and an extensive experience in high volume internet sales. I am also experienced in sourcing, importing, advertising and distributing goods working with reliable manufacturing partners.




2. The Business

Sakkho business caters for the general public also working with industry professionals. The business started in the second half of the year 2008 initially spending the first years for research purpose, information gathering, product testing and completion of initial projects with the view to make the concept work.


The first major building project featuring Sakkho tiles was a residential decking which was completed early 2009 and the first commercial project was a wall feature completed late that same year 2009.


Sakkho also has experience supplying international clients as the first international project featuring Sakkho tiles was for a luxury residential private palace pool deck in Doha, Qatar which was completed mid-2011.


The tiles were presented at Design Ex 2009 with a very good reception due to the tile versatility and since Sakkho tiles have been used and presented always in new, creative, interesting and surprising ways for diverse applications.

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